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Condo Interior Design: 5 Interior Design Ideas to Transform Your Condo

Condo interiors come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and styles. Whether your space is bare or fully furnished our quick guide will help you pull together a completed look. Undoubtedly, your condo interior design can be everything you want it to be – minimal, stately, or bold and glamorous! Read on for ideas that will help you create a swoon-worthy home.

1. Condo Interior Colors

Condominium living room interior design

Condo living room design by Decorilla designer Lindsay B.

Due to their varying layouts and square footage, there is no one-size-fits-all color scheme for condos. Some may see this as a blessing, while others may feel slightly overwhelmed with the array of hues available. So, we’ve pinned down colors that can add the necessary oomph to a casual or luxury condo interior.

Top Colors for High- and Low-Light Condo Interiors

Small condo interior design with blush accents

Small condo interior design by Decorilla designer, Luca C.

  • Blush – The soft pink tone is feminine but not overly sweet. It adds a subtle burst of fresh color and warmth. When you have to decide on the shade, choose a blush with a grey undertone, it will pair equally well with neutrals and white.
  • White – As a popular color choice for making rooms feel bigger than they are, white walls are here to stay. It’s also a great choice when preparing to sell your home, as houses with neutral white walls sell quickly.
  • Grey – Silvery or grey walls are chic and contemporary. As a result, the cooler hue makes a sophisticated backdrop for a luxury condo interior design.

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Colorful small condo interior design

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