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Top Interior Design Firms to Keep an Eye On This Year

Falling in love with inspirational interiors is easy, but finding a designer to recreate your vision is another story. So, to help, we’ve narrowed the list to the 25 top interior design firms. Their expertise ranges from residential to commercial and they’re producing some of the finest interiors of our time. Take a look for yourself!

1. Urbanology Designs

One look is enough to tell straight away that Urbanology Designs is a firm that prefers interesting spaces to perfect homes. As a result, the design team breaks all the rules to create contemporary homes that reflect their client as they are, not as someone they’re not. Their functional approach not only earns them awards, but it is also a “breath-of-fresh-air” for homeowners. Although the unfussy design and clean lines mark these interiors, they are just as inviting and livable. Most significantly, the team knows how to strike a balance between warm urban and simplistic modern design.

2. Decorilla

High-end lounge interior design by one of the best interior design companies, Decorilla.

The flexibility of online interior design combined with professional expertise makes Decorilla one of the world’s top interior design firms. For one thing, Decorilla’s team includes hundreds of talented designers worldwide. As a result, Decorilla can reach more clients than most interior design companies. This alternative form of interior design is not only convenient, but it also saves homeowners and business owners time and money.

Luxury living room by one of the top interior design firms, Decorilla

From luxurious lofts, Hampton homes to casual cafes, Decorilla can do it all. Because their team includes designers with various skill sets, they can create equally exceptional residential and commercial interiors. Besides being internationally accessible online, Decorilla also offers an in-person design service to 25 major cities in the USA. In addition, publications, like The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Huffington Post, have exalted Decorilla for its superb online interior design service and high-end results.

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3. Kelly Behun Studio

Playful and experimental underscore every interior by Kelly Behun Studio. They are everything but cookie-cutter. Designer Kelly Behun makes a point of using custom furniture as well as thrifty finds. And the result is intensely arty. So much so that Behun has been dubbed “an interior designer with the eye of a gallerist.” Instead of sticking to an interior design style preference, Behun focuses on creating a visual that appeals to her clients emotionally. 

4. Interior Architects

One of the top global residential and commercial interior design firms, Interior Architects, takes on projects as radical interior architects. They certainly focus on finding creative solutions that will enhance any given space. The employee-owned interior design company works alongside clients to create environments that are full of energy. As a result, these interiors help people thrive and function at their utmost. 

5. Bates Masi + Architects

Projects by bate masi and architects are simply breathtaking. From the furniture, the floor, and to the surrounding landscape, these interiors have it all. As one of the top full-service residential interior design firms, these interiors resonate with the surrounding architecture. Architects Harry Bates and Paul Masi teamed up in 2003 and, with their team, have been creating visionary homes ever since. The calming modernist aesthetic of these spaces has earned Bates and Mati over 148 design awards. 

6. Gabellini Sheppard

Michael Gabellini, a nationally acclaimed designer, established Gabellini Associates in 1991. Following his partnership with Kimberly Sheppard and Daniel Garbowit, gabelli shepperd has become one of the best interior design companies worldwide. The mixed skill set of design, architecture, and fine art lead this team to create some of the most influential interiors of the 21st century. Their innovative interiors are at the forefront of contemporary design and architecture.

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