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Is Basement Underpinning Worth It?

Many people question the need for basement underpinning within homes that have basements. Why bother? Doesn’t the basement already protect against water damage anyway? basement underpinning provides an extra layer of protection for this area of a house, and the benefits far outweigh any disadvantages that may be present. Underpinning basement floors protect against mold, mildew, decaying, and leaking. It prevents you from having to spend large amounts of money on carpet cleaning, and repairs to your electrical systems.

Underpinning your basement now will also save you a lot of money in the future. It will increase the overall value of your home by as much as 20% when combined with other basement underpinning methods such as the installation of a new foundation or cellar floor, which lowers the cost of your home by extension. The basement is a very important part of your home. It is the place where you will live most of the time, and it will also act as a storage facility for family items, and it is a room that you can escape quickly if a flood should ever occur. All of these factors make basement underpinning worthwhile.

However, some people question whether basement underpinning is worth it. The most common argument against underpinning is that it will lower the value of your home. If your basement gets flooded, then you might lose all of the rooms below it including your attic and garage, which can seriously reduce the value of your home. In addition, your basement will probably not be finished as you plan. You may end up finishing it with a basement floater, or a mere crawl space. If you have a finished basement, then basement underpinning is a great addition, but it isn’t worth wasting your hard earned money on it.

Another argument against underpinning is that it isn’t necessary. Yes, there are some homes where basement underpinning is absolutely necessary, and in these cases it is absolutely necessary. Basement flooding can damage your basement walls and floors severely, and in some cases your basement might need to be shut down for a long period of time. Other basements might suffer from small leaks, and these aren’t considered major problems either. So is basement underpinning worth it to you?

Basement underpinning is important to prevent major water damage. Most people think that they only need to waterproof their basement to make it dry. This isn’t true. Even if your basement is never used for storage, it can still sustain water damage from time to time.

When considering the question is basement underpinning worth it?, you should also consider the cost of a complete overhaul of your basement. Underpinning can significantly reduce the risk of flooding, but in addition to the money you will save on repairs and water damage, you’ll also find yourself with an attractive and usable basement. If you don’t mind having to pay for an entire overhaul of your basement, then by all means purchase a basement underpinning system today. But if you are willing to invest in a system that will protect your basement for the long term, then you may want to seriously consider underpinning your basement today.

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